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Koen Lybaert is a contemporary art painter, born 1965 in Wilrijk, Belgium. He creates mostly abstract and landscape oil paintings. His technique consists of carefully layering colors on canvas or paper. He creates a dense, subtle and slowly deepening mixture of overlapping colors and shapes. His work is an abstract and unique view of the nature around him. Woods, lakes, mountains, sea and desolate landscapes are his main inspiration. His contemporary landscape oil paintings are based on his own photographs taken during walks or travels. These photographs are also part of a serie of overpainted photographs. Besides this, he also creates watercolors of imaginary landscapes and abstracts. His work is sold to private collectors worldwide in 27 different countries, mainly in the USA, UK, Belgium and the Germany.
paintings [total: 1977 / sold: 394]
on canvas
Abstracts oil paintings [645]
abstract 1918 abstract 1917 abstract 1913 abstract 1912 abstract 1911 abstract 1910 abstract 1909 abstract 1908 abstract 1907
Landscapes oil paintings [52]
landscape130 landscape129 landscape106 landscape104 landscape103 landscape101 landscape100 landscape086 landscape082

on paper
Abstracts oil paintings [388]
abstract1916 abstract1914 abstract1894 abstract1893 abstract1892 abstract1891 abstract1890 abstract1889 abstract1888
Watercolors/Gouache - Imaginary landscapes [356]
Cook Ice Shelf Voyeykov Ice Shelf Shackleton Ice Shelf West Ice Shelf Amery Ice Shelf Edward VIII Ice Shelf Wyers Ice Shelf Zubchatyy Ice Shelf Hannan Ice Shelf
Landscapes oil paintings [43]
landscape127 landscape126 landscape125 landscape124 landscape123 landscape122 landscape121
Overpainted photographs [170]
overpaintedphoto181 overpaintedphoto180 overpaintedphoto179 overpaintedphoto178 overpaintedphoto177 overpaintedphoto176 overpaintedphoto175 overpaintedphoto174 overpaintedphoto173
Watercolors - Ambient [257]
ambient0257 ambient0256 ambient0255 ambient0254 ambient0253 ambient0252 ambient0251 ambient0250 ambient0249
Ink - Odyssey [41]
odyssey 41 odyssey 40 odyssey 39 odyssey 38 odyssey 37 odyssey 36 odyssey 35 odyssey 34 odyssey 33
Watercolors/ink - Amazon [15]
amazon 015 amazon 014 amazon 013 amazon 012 amazon 011 amazon 010 amazon 007 amazon 006 amazon 005
Charcoal/ink/watercolor - Blackground [20]
blackground20 blackground19 blackground18 blackground17 blackground16 blackground15 blackground14 blackground13 blackground12
on canvas

on paper
Overpainted Photographs
Watercolors/Gouache [Imaginary Landscapes]
Watercolors [Ambient] Ink [Odyssey] Ink/Watercolors [Amazon]
Charcoal/Ink/Watercolors [Blackground]


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