Duo Exhibition - Koen Lybaert and Richard Whadcock / Kasteel Hof D’Intere, Pastorijstraat 2, Wechelderzande [Lille] / Belgium
Exhibition Opening night: Friday 05 June 2015 - 18.00h - 21.00h
Exhibition: June. 06th - 21st, 2015 - Open Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday 1 - 6 pm.
The Esther Santoyo Gallery organised the duo-exhibition of Koen Lybaert (BEL) and Richard Whadcock (UK). Two artists with an impressive career so far and whose work is part of numerous private collections around the globe. We are incredibly proud to present their work to you at Hof D'Intere, a unique 17th century aristocratic manor.
The two artists were brought together by a shared love for the English landscape: the South Downs and the Lake District. Landscapes, whether natural, industrial, or imaginary, are also what has inspired the works displayed. Richard Whadcock's contemporary landscapes are put in contrast with Koen Lybaert's more abstract interpretations and over-painted photographs. Through layers of color and light these works transport us, and invite us to think about the landscapes that inspire us as viewers, the places and spaces we recreate through layers of time and memory. The 15 paintings by Richard Whadcock and 70 works by Koen Lybaert bring out the extraordinary in the ordinary and the magical in the mundane. (openings-night introduction by Katelijne Lybaert)
abstract 1083 abstract 1298 abstract 1059 abstract 1304 abstract 1105 abstract 1008 abstract 1122 abstract 1302 abstract 1305 abstract 1303 abstract 1213 abstract 1289 abstract 1243 landscape104 abstract 1171 abstract 1142 abstract 1143 abstract 1202 abstract 1074 Ohaupo Herføl Umba Sermersooq Kivukoni Beringen Mine 8 South Downs II Beringen Mine 7 Bursenberg 2 South Downs III Bursenberg 3 abstract 1236 abstract 1100 abstract 1235 abstract 1308 abstract 1234 abstract 1070 abstract 1307 abstract 1272 abstract 1296 abstract 1164 abstract 1125 abstract 1297 abstract 1162 abstract 1309 abstract 1124 abstract 1245 abstract 1244 abstract 1288 abstract 1310 abstract 1254 abstract 1299 abstract 1252 abstract 1258 abstract 1250 abstract 1306 abstract 1104 abstract 1255 abstract 1259 abstract 1251 abstract 1253 abstract 1262 abstract 1242 abstract 1287 abstract 1270 abstract 1277 landscape100 landscape097 landscape096
on canvas

on paper
Overpainted Photographs
Watercolors/Gouache [imaginary landscapes]
Watercolors [ambient] Ink/Watercolors [amazon]
Charcoal/Ink/Watercolors [blackground]


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